The End


Time Zones

Solidarity. Sanity. Efficiency.


Compassion begins with understanding. Shared experience brings people together. Transcending all of the barriers and distinctions between humans, the passage of time is ever-present for us all. By eradicating Time Zones, we will come together in a way that is core to our very experience of life itself. You'll never ask "is that 10 O'Clock your time or my time?" -- it will always be our time.


Which makes more sense -- calling the time you wake up 8 or 2? It doesn't matter! "Local Time" used to be synchronized to the movement of the sun, but with the advent of Time Zones, the clock time is completely divorced from physical reality. One world, in space and we're all on it at the same time. Thinking that there are "different times" depending on where you are, or what country, state or province you are in -- it is nuts! Cognitive dissonance is tied to schizophrenia.


All of the adding and subtracting hours (or half-hours) and taking into account seasonal variations like Daylight Savings Time is an unnecessary burden and leads to chaos, disorder and economic woes. Missed meetings, confusing news reporting, difficulty in understand travel plans, and software bugs all result from the evils of Time Zones. It is estimated that $14 Billion USD would be saved worldwide each year with The End of Time Zones.

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